Puritan Values ships is carefully checked over by our in-house team before it leaves our warehouse. We use our trusted team of couriers and shippers built up over the last 35 years.

Network of trusted couriers

Whether it is our in-house team of courriers or our trusted partners, we make sure the right care is provided for shipping your item and ensuring it arrives with you safely and in the exact same condition it left our warehouse.

Extensive experience shipping worldwide

Over the years, we have shipped 1000s of items worldwide, across the globe in the USA, Australia, Japan, to name a few countries. Our in-house experts ensure the right documentation is provided like CITES & other regulation requirements.

Shipping cost

As we want to make sure you pay the right price for your delivery, we are unable to provide an exact delivery price for each item. We will request a quote for your item, and ensure it is fair.